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Tagaytay’s Putobumbong at Bibingka

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Are you in a staycation holiday in Tagaytay and you are craving for the traditional Christmas Snacks like Putobumbong and Bibingka… Try this, πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘€ It’s Kuuma Kaakao Kaffe

🏠 Check this out πŸ‘† if you are on the way or living nearby Silang Junction East Tagaytay City, Cavite 🏠

πŸ“± You can click through foodpanda or online at their FB page below is the link..

Click Now and Buy πŸ‘Œ

I am craving for Putobumbong then I saw this in foodpanda, booked and bought together with Bibingka Macapuno Flavor plus Turon.  It's a common Filipino snack in this season.  The delivery timing is earlier than expected and the food still hot.  

I love their putobumbong because it's really the original recipe of glutinous rice, sticky but i'm looking for more butter/margarine. It might be good if they put some flavour like cheese in this one. As im a cheesy person πŸ™‚

Their bibingka reminds me of the "pasalubong" of one of my housemates before when I was living in Singapore. It's not the typical bibingka that we can buy but it's the delicacy of those people in Northern Luzon or Ilocano. It is made of rice and not that so sweet, I like their toppings of macapuno but for sure the other flavor they serve is also good to try.

Their turon is not the typical turon, it's a fusion of nutty chocolate and the original ingredients of saba and langka. It's quite unique for me. I like the taste of it as I remember eating a chocnut with turon. I love to see another flavor for this with peanutbutter as we all know that banana and peanut butter is really one good match for breakfast or snack.

And they are environmental friendly too, i like their wooden "spork"
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A Piece of a Puzzle

You cannot see the whole picture in a piece of a puzzle unless you finish putting it all together.

I never know that this is one of the places that “must-go” in Tagaytay until my best friend and her daughter introduce it to me.

Tagaytay Puzzle Mansion has been recognized by Guinness as the biggest collection of jigsaw puzzle in the world. Ms. Georginal Gil – Lacuna is the puzzle collector. It’s all started when she bought a “Mickey Mouse” 5,000 pieces jigsaw puzzle for her son Gino. From there on they collected and finished around 1,000 plus puzzles and put it in a museum.

Jigsaw puzzle is one of the educational toys for kids or even adults. It will give you a creativity and patience on putting the pieces one by one. Once you finish it will give you happiness that you already see your masterpiece. Yes, it is a time consuming game but you will learn a lot in playing this.

How to go there? From Olivarez, we ride a jeep going to Mendez and ask the Driver that we need to alight to Brgy Asasin the drop off point for the Tagaytay Puzzle Mansion. Then there’s a line of tricycles that going through the Cuadra Street. The street going to the place is quite steep but you can also walk going down. There is an entrance fee of Php100.

The next time you are going to Tagaytay do not forget to see this museum.

And if you are looking for some puzzle challenges they are selling also and you can check their fb page, below is the link.