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Forgotten Door

In the days of lockdown because of this pandemic of Covid-19, I activated my Social Media Platforms that almost years I never touch, one of this is twitter. Suddenly, I received a message from this account which fortunately a band from Las Vegas. They sent me a sample of their masterpiece which is “Far Far Away”

I love their song, reminds me when I’m working overseas and miss all the sweet moments of my family and friends in Philippines. Everytime I’m going back home, there’s an excitement to see them and hug them. And their song is really fit to those people who really wants to spend quality time with their family but separated by miles and oceans away.

If you have a long travel or a road trip you can listen to their songs and it’s worth the drive. I know most of us will going back to our provinces because of this holiday season then try to play this.

“.. going far far away,

im going back home

to the hills and sky of blue

I’m coming to you..”

This is just for entertainment purpose only and no copyright infringement intended. All credits to the rightful owner.

For more info regarding this band, here’s the link of their website.

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A Glassy Artistic Sculpture

When I travel in one place, I normally look for a museum that would tell me everything about the place or about the people or person.

I’ve been in Tagaytay for quite sometime and I just try to check this Museo Orlina. I am amaze on the artwork, the glass sculpture of Architect Ramon Orlina.

Glass sculpture is a creative but dangerous way to express oneself. You will need a protective gear and equipments because of the process with a certain degrees of heat to form that glass on what design you want. Some they do molds from clay. Most of the process in glass sculpture are Glass blowing, Hot Sculpting and Cold Working. The artist will do a variety of techniques to create a masterpiece.

How to go to Museum Orlina? If you come from Sta Rosa Exit going to Tagaytay Flower Market, It’s near Econo Hotel and a small street going down, you can see a Signage at the corner. But if you come from Olivarez, you can ride a jeepney going to People’s Park and tell the driver to drop you off at Museo Orlina.

There is an entrance fee for general admission it will cost P130 and for the PWD, Student and Senior Citizen will be P100. You can check the link below for more info/details.

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Christmas is for Kids and Young at Hearts

Year 2020 is really a big challenge for everyone. And it makes history that will never forget in our world. But there is really something that to look forward to and being positive in our thoughts.

It’s the true meaning of Christmas. Give love and adore the baby Jesus in our hearts. As they said, Christmas is for kids to enjoy and seeing their big smiles on the gifts that they will receive. But Christmas is for young at hearts too. Do not forget that we are once a child and having childish traits to relax and pause a while.

One of the nearest place to spend this Christmas Season is in Tagaytay. They have this Christmas Village at Crosswinds Tagaytay that you can spend quality time with your family and friends. Taking selfie’s and groupie’s to the Christmas decor as well as to feel the breeze of the season.

There is no entrance fee but still observe the social distancing and safety precautions of wearing face masks and face shields. It will be open from day time till 7pm.

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Tagaytay’s Putobumbong at Bibingka

Jazgotthoughts recommends: πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Are you in a staycation holiday in Tagaytay and you are craving for the traditional Christmas Snacks like Putobumbong and Bibingka… Try this, πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘€ It’s Kuuma Kaakao Kaffe

🏠 Check this out πŸ‘† if you are on the way or living nearby Silang Junction East Tagaytay City, Cavite 🏠

πŸ“± You can click through foodpanda or online at their FB page below is the link..

Click Now and Buy πŸ‘Œ

I am craving for Putobumbong then I saw this in foodpanda, booked and bought together with Bibingka Macapuno Flavor plus Turon.  It's a common Filipino snack in this season.  The delivery timing is earlier than expected and the food still hot.  

I love their putobumbong because it's really the original recipe of glutinous rice, sticky but i'm looking for more butter/margarine. It might be good if they put some flavour like cheese in this one. As im a cheesy person πŸ™‚

Their bibingka reminds me of the "pasalubong" of one of my housemates before when I was living in Singapore. It's not the typical bibingka that we can buy but it's the delicacy of those people in Northern Luzon or Ilocano. It is made of rice and not that so sweet, I like their toppings of macapuno but for sure the other flavor they serve is also good to try.

Their turon is not the typical turon, it's a fusion of nutty chocolate and the original ingredients of saba and langka. It's quite unique for me. I like the taste of it as I remember eating a chocnut with turon. I love to see another flavor for this with peanutbutter as we all know that banana and peanut butter is really one good match for breakfast or snack.

And they are environmental friendly too, i like their wooden "spork"
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Borawan Island – a secret island in Quezon Province

Borawan Island is located at Padre Burgos, Quezon. It’s less than 30 minutes from our hometown in Agdangan, Quezon. And almost 5 hours away from Manila.

From the entry point at Padre Burgos, you can go for an island hopping in an hour at Borawan and Dampalitan Island. They named this island as Borawan with a combination of Boracay and Palawan, as they compared the color of the sand and the cliff that almost the same with this two tourist spots in the Philippines.

If you want to relax and want to try an island hopping that is nearby Manila, you can try this. I really love this trip. You can have a way to relax, swim and take beautiful photos with this nature.

And if you want to stay for a while or an overnight, you can try to check some of the resorts in a nearby towns of Agdangan and Unisan.

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A Paradise in the Middle of Indian Ocean

One time in Year 2016, we planned to have a paradise getaway in Maldives. Maafushi is a public island in South Atoll area. This is our second choice, we wanted to go to the North Atoll area but unfortunately our contact never showed in the airport.

We arrived at the wee hours of the night at Male Airport, the normal timing for a promo fare. Luckily when we are searching on where to go there was some tourists that going to this public island and they were suggesting to share with them at their rented speed boat. Then when we know which place, we searched and booked an accommodation on one of their public island.

This trip was really not what we planned instead of being pissed-off because of what had happen, I tried to see the bright side and think faster on what should we do. Once arrive and check-in at the hotel, I approached the receptionist who was also the owner of the resort, if they have an available island hopping tour for the next day so that we would not waste our time then we booked it.

I travelled a lot of beaches and islands from our country in the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand but this place specially the big waves in the Indian Ocean was quite scary but I put my trust on the boatman of the speedboat as he knows what he was doing. And this was my first time riding a speedboat in an open ocean and a wider horizon. While going to the sandbar, we saw a lot of mantra and dolphins on the way, I really enjoyed watching this water creatures swimming on their own world.

The Maldives sandbar is really a white fine sand and you really feel that you were alone in an island though I know that this was an effect of global warming but still I’m amazed on how it would have a shallow one in the middle of this dark blue body of water.

We also visited a private island which we took our lunch and have some photo ops. The ambiance and serenity of this private island was really great at least we explore and experience it.

On the third day, we tried to check the culture and how the people way of living in Maafushi on their normal days. Because tourism is one of their income generating business, they start their day keeping themselves busy in accommodating guests and in cooking the best breakfast for the tourist and most of the resort was doing this. There was also the ILY coffeeshop that you can go and have a sip of your favorite coffee but you can try the housebrand coffee on your hotels. I like their spicy food and grilled seafood. They can accept USD and Maldives Rupiah if you want to buy something in the island.

On the fourth day and last day going to the Airport we tried their public taxi boat that cost USD2 per pax but it will take longer trip. We arrived at Male City, there was still time that we can roam around and took some pictures before going to airport.

This was really one of my adventure in travelling even it doesn’t start properly but ends well and still we enjoy the trip.