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The One Who Loves Me Or The One I Really Love?

Dear Jaz,

I heard your article from my friend, and decided to write you for an advise or insight about love. Which one is important, a person who loves me or a person i love most.

I’m still confuse with this as I came from a broken relationship. I have a partner for almost 10 years but unfortunately our relationship lately is in the rocks. She left me with our kids and she join with another person. Yes there is a 3rd party when I’ m on-board. It’s really a traumatic experience, when you love the most of this person who you thought will be on your side forever but gone because she finds happiness with another one. She told me that kind of reasoning really sucks.

I’m really afraid to jump in a new relationship but I realise that I need to start anew life with my children and I need to look a mother material for them. This decision should think many times and be wise.

Should I choose the one i love or the one who really loves me?

Help! And thank you for giving a time in my letter.

Yours truly,

Dear Chef,

I really appreciate you for being straightforward. There is no certain in this world but world is giving us a choice. What we will do, what we will eat, do we really need to walk or run, who do we love and a lot of things goes on everyday.

Your problem is common to the people who are in love. But the perspective will kicks-in on how do you want to see yourself with that person. Are you willing to sacrifice (your happiness) for her till the end to make her happy and satisfied? Or will you be selfish enough to care for your own happiness.

How do we feel if we choose the one who loves us? Will life be perfect? As they said, look for someone that you know, loves you more than you love her. Because she will do her best to make you happy. She will try to be your world and willing to sacrifice to be with you and your family. But you should not take this for granted.

Or how do we see ourselves if we choose the one we love most? Will life be perfect? Are you willing to give up everything for her? Will you do your best to make her happy? And for how long will you hold or love her?

If you can see, the answer depends on the character of the person. There is no perfect relationship but there are lots of possibilities to make it the partner and life you want it to be. The bottomline is on how will you compromise to each other. And love is not a one way thing, it should be two way. Communication is the key in all aspects of relationship. And being selfish will not help your relationship, you should be considerate enough on how your partner feels. And a lot of things to be consider, not only your feelings. You said you have children, you should prioritise them. You still have your life and career. Your family and your friends that surrounds you.

Whatever you choose if ‘kung mahal ka’ or ‘yung mahal mo’, you can say a little prayer that your decision will deserve for the happiness of both that will last forever.

Sending good vibes in your negative thoughts.

It’s me,

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Hello Monday!!!!

 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;”

Isaiah 61:1

My apology that I was not in the circulation for a week or so, it’s quite a busy week for me and got some realisation.

I am not religious enough but with the above scriptures, it’s struck on my mind that I should be a blessing at least to the people that surrounds me. That I should maintain the good things that who I am before. Lead them to be close to God and turn around again to the right path. Be a matchmaker again to those hopelessly romantic people, I was once a matchmaker and an event or wedding coordinator. Or just let them feel that they are free on whatever they want to be as long as they have a dream even we are experiencing an abnormal life in this Covid19 Crisis.

So there you are.. rise up and walk.. we can do better again in this world. Be a blessing to everyone and keep the faith on high!

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Coffee Break

It's almost months, that I never count 
the days we never see or talk to each other
I miss our coffee break talk
or our beer bottles cheers.
But since that long days and time
You already decided what is better for you
Who am I to tell and disregard it
As long as you can say that you are happy
And I can see that it is true
I will let the coffee be cold
And that coffee break as it be.

P.S: Iā€™m inserting this cover music created by my friend. This is just for entertainment purpose only and no copyright infringement intended.
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Once a Fan a Time

Almost 20 years ago

I still remember, one morning when I am reading the Showbiz page of Inquirer (newspaper in Philippines), I saw an advertisement for Sing ala Ariel Rivera. I informed my friend, Arman to go for an audition in BMG Records office located in Cubao. I gave the details and I asked him to practice Ariel’s song as I believed his voice is almost same pitch of the singer.

I and one of our friend accompanied him for the audition, luckily he was chosen for the contest. A week after, the contest proper location was in SM Bacoor Cavite, so I and two of our friends planned to give him a moral support and be one of the audience. Although he didn’t bagged the award, the most important for me was to see my idol in person who is very handsome and a good singer.

To reminisce this moment, below is his Youtube channel covering medley songs of Ariel Rivera.

P.S: Iā€™m inserting this cover music created by my friend. This is just for entertainment purpose only and no copyright infringement intended.
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Once a Fan a Time.. almost 20 years ago

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Worried Girl

Dear Jaz,

My friend told me that there is this feature that you are giving some advise to those people who are in distress or just really want a person to talk to.

It’s been half a year already for this covid crisis and there’s a lot of questions I always think specially for the future, what will happen now and after this? Will our lives get back to normal?

I am blessed and still have work till now though there are times that I’m worried about it, a lot of companies are closing and employees has been laid-off. We are in a skeletal system, working MWF but because most of our actions now have limits, i am feeling that it’s really not right and there are some things that I want to do like before but I cannot due to the regulations imposed.

Hoping and praying that we will be okay soon.

Thanks in advance.


Worrier Girl

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

Hi Worrier Girl,

You are not alone with this kind of feeling of uncertainty. Just because this kind of crisis is new to our generation, we feel like floating and coping up, trying to survive everyday.

You are very lucky because you still have your job. Some already lost their source of income but they are trying to survive by all means like selling food and other things online. Some are doing the delivery or “pasabuy” just to have a decent income for their families and to pay their bills at the end of the month. Whatever we do to cope up this time of pandemic is a great way. Even it’s a small thing, the most important is what we will put on our table at the end of the day. Just do not care what other will say to you.

With regards to those things that you cannot do nowadays because we have some limitations and afraid to go out, just try to do it online.

  1. If you miss strolling to the mall and do a window shopping, try to check what you want in Shoppee or Lazada, then add to cart but do not proceed the payment, in that sense, you satisfy your craving of buying things you do not need. But if you really need the item then buy it.
  2. If you are craving for some food you can check it thru Foodpanda or Grab food delivery.
  3. Please stay healthy, we cannot go to gym then try to check in Youtube those exercise and zumba dance that can do at home.
  4. For those who are missing to go out-of-town, you can check some travel blogs for the meantime, see their beautiful pictures and ideas.
  5. And those that missing the “happy hour” with friends, you can call/video chat them while sipping a can of beer or a glass of wine.

Just keep yourself busy in this time of uncertainty and do not worry for the future, we need to live in the present. We need to stay safe and healthy. Be an inspiration to others to keep moving.

Sending positive vibes.



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Why nowadays is difficult to earn money?

Dear Jaz,

How are you? I’m struggling at work, not because of my task as Finance Staff but the company culture. I’m planning to leave as a lot of employees are already leaving and I am trying to put-up an e-loading business and other kind of business that can have extra source of income. Would it be feasible nowadays.

It’s me,


Disclaimer: Quote picture above is not mine. CTTO

Dear Bro,

I’m trying to see the brighter side of the world in this time of crisis.

With regards to your work, please do not leave, if your company is not laying-off their employees. If they are, you can wait until your name is on the list, there might give a separation pay for you to start a new one. Or if your company decided to cut loss or cut cost of their expenses, some of your benefits or bonus might not be the same like before but still your montly salary can help you and your family to survive. The only thing we can do is to prioritise our needs than wants like foods, shelter/rent, billspayment, meds and vitamins.

I encourage you to start now your ideas of your business even you are working. Establish first the foundation, your target market, enough capital and strategies on how you will manage it. For e-loading business, the most important here is your location, if you have a lot of neighbors that you can count on and ask to use your platform or business for their needs to top-up loads and pay their necessary bills. As our mobilitiy is limited and most of the cities are in ECQ or GCQ status. You need to have a separate bank account for easy tracking of your transactions. If this is somehow a networking strategy, you still need to consider your target market as most of the mobile platform nowadays have this kind of services such as, gcash, grab, payamaya and true money to name a few.

It’s really difficult to survive this time of Covid19 crisis. It’s like we are walking in the bridge like in this picture that we do not know what’s in the other side. If the bridge is broken at the middle. If this is the only way we can cross to the other island. If there is a boat waiting for us. The only thing we can do is try to walk. Move a little and move forward and it will be a great help.

Stay safe and healthy.

Sending positive vibes in your negative thoughts. šŸ¤—šŸ„°

It’s me,