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An Inspirational Song to motivate us.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

Sharing you this cover music created by my friend. This is just for entertainment and motivation purpose only and no copyright infringement intended. All the credits for the rightful owner.

Enjoy listening! If you like it, share it but don’t forget to follow and subscribe. Thank you.


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Forgotten Door

In the days of lockdown because of this pandemic of Covid-19, I activated my Social Media Platforms that almost years I never touch, one of this is twitter. Suddenly, I received a message from this account which fortunately a band from Las Vegas. They sent me a sample of their masterpiece which is “Far Far Away”

I love their song, reminds me when I’m working overseas and miss all the sweet moments of my family and friends in Philippines. Everytime I’m going back home, there’s an excitement to see them and hug them. And their song is really fit to those people who really wants to spend quality time with their family but separated by miles and oceans away.

If you have a long travel or a road trip you can listen to their songs and it’s worth the drive. I know most of us will going back to our provinces because of this holiday season then try to play this.

“.. going far far away,

im going back home

to the hills and sky of blue

I’m coming to you..”

This is just for entertainment purpose only and no copyright infringement intended. All credits to the rightful owner.

For more info regarding this band, here’s the link of their website.

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Saan Makakarating ang P100 Mo? (Your P100 can stretch a help to the Typhoon Victims)

To those people who read, touch and act on my previous blog, I really appreciate your little gestures and generosity to help our fellowman. May God returns it a thousand folds.

Here’s some pictures and proof of your donations and sharing of blessings to us.

  1. From the Rotary Club of Alicia Pagay / Maagap Eagles Fortress Club – Santiago City, Isabela c/o Ms Lynie Panganiban:

2. From the Philippine Red Cross Facebook Page:

3. From the Facebook Page of Caritas of Manila

Disclaimer: Photos are not mine, all the credit are for the right owner of it.

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Typhoon Ulysses – A Catastrophe – Philippines needs Help

Our country, Philippines geographically located in Southeast Asia that is prone in typhoon and earthquakes. And it happen this month, that we experienced a continuous storms and the latest was strongest named Typhoon Ulysses (internationally known as Typhoon Vamco).

Reality of Climate Change and Global Warming kicks in. The storms and floods that will be a disaster and can take away lives of people and properties in one snap that we cannot imagine to happen in real life. We always see this kind of setting in a movie but now, here a lot of provinces and villages as well as in the city are totally wreck.

I will not take this article any longer as we can see this all over the news regarding what happen. But I am doing this just to be a medium in sharing some info and helping my fellowmen to recover with this disaster.

I am humbly asking for your help and donations to send it to the proper organisation or authority for them to mobilise and extend our help to the needy of my fellowmen.

  1. To Northern Luzon Area (Cagayan, Isabela and Tugegarao), SAAN AABOT ANG P100 PESOS MO? We can send thru GCASH to Ms. LYNIE PANGANIBAN ( In behalf of Maagap Fortress Club and Rotary Club of Alicia Pagay / Rotary International ) – +639171668884


BDO Peso Savings: 00-453-0190938 Dollar Savings: 10-453-0039482 Swift Code: BNORPHMM

BPI Peso Savings: 4991-0036-52 Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

Metrobank Peso Savings: 151-7-151524342 Dollar Savings: 151-2-151002182 Swift Code: MBTCPHMM

Security Bank Peso Savings: 0132-062-46400-3 Dollar Savings: 0132-0624-6400-4

Emergency Appeal: Typhoon Ulysses


BDO Savings Account 000-5600-45905

METROBANK Savings Account 175-3-17506954-3

BPI PESO Savings Account 3063-5357-01 DOLLAR Savings Account 3064-0033-55 Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

RCBC Savings Account 000-300-090-2216

For Debit or Credit Cards – USHARE UNIONBANK – choose Damayan – Typhoon Ulysses

And with all your help, may the good karma and deeds be with you and the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your family.

Thank you for your generosity.

(disclaimer: photos not mine, credit to the real owner of it)

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How to Budget your Income or Salary?

Most of the headaches of the employees or someone who is working with a low salary is budgeting of their money or income vs their expenses. Nowadays almost everything keeps on increasing though there are some months that we forcefully pause because of the pandemic. If we are depending in our monthly salary and we have a lot of bills and expenses we will come up a negative balance on the next day.

One lesson I learned when I was working overseas is on how to budget this as we only receive it once a month, unlike here in Philippines it’s twice a month. (Long time ago I experience to receive it weekly).

The simple calculations for a minimum wage earner of a private employee without any loan deductions from SSS and HDMF as follows for the 2 weeks pay:

Net Salary P5,620

Less: Usual Expenses

Transportation (P100 x 10 days) P1,000

Food Allowance (P150 x 10 days) P1,500

Telephone Load (prepaid load of P100/week) P200

Household expenses (groceries for 1 month) P2,500

Net Balance in your Payroll ATM Account P420

I checked the Net Salary based on with a monthly pay of P12,000 in a semi-annual pay-out.

The transportation cost if the person is riding tricycle, bus, jeep or van everyday.

The food allowance is based on Jollibee big/complete meal (1pc chicken joy with burger steak and half spaghetti value meal) though there is some who will order food at the sidewalk or to those people selling food in their building the cost of P150 is also for lunch and snacks already.

You cannot afford to get a plan of P500 to P900 a month for telephone expenses therefore you will go for the unlimited data/text/call worth P90 to P100 a week. As long as there is free facebook and messenger access is enough to communicate with your family and friends or co-workers.

The household expenses for the 15th payrun is for groceries to be consumed at home, trying to squeeze in the budget of P2,500 for one month while for the 30th payrun of P2,500 to be allocated in paying the rentals, electricity and water bills. But I doubt if you can get a P2,000 room rental if you are living in Metro Manila. And P500 will not be enough for your water and electricity consumption therefore the P840 balance might include to pay for these expenses.

Now, the headaches will kick-in if you lend/loan some money to your friends or relatives and how you will pay it. And also if there is an emergency if you need to go to see doctor then you do not have at least P500 in your bank for the consultation fee then how? You will disturb again some of your friends and relatives to ask to help you.

This kind of our culture is like a cycle and it should stop because we cannot achieve our goal and what we want, it will end up to our frustrations in life.

We need to plan and save. We need to be generous too if we have extra money but with this case do not give more than you have in your pocket. I think they will understand your situation if you cannot give financially but you can lend your hand to help them in other ways like your time and skills if needed.

We need to think on how and which factor to cut-cost for emergency purposes at least will lessen your headache when it comes to you.

Ask yourself if for the P2,700 allowance for two weeks you can cut P50 per day. And it will cost around P500 savings for half month or P1,000 for a month. Try to think in advance for one year you will have in your pocket or bank with a total of P12,000. Not bad right? And in 10 years if no emergency case happens you will have around P120,000. You can start to invest this in a business as extra source of income and some legit or legal investment.

So now will you spare your P50 of your allowance everyday? You can have your piggy bank at home or just open a bank savings account without your maintaining balance first.

So happy savings 🙂


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The One Who Loves Me Or The One I Really Love?

Dear Jaz,

I heard your article from my friend, and decided to write you for an advise or insight about love. Which one is important, a person who loves me or a person i love most.

I’m still confuse with this as I came from a broken relationship. I have a partner for almost 10 years but unfortunately our relationship lately is in the rocks. She left me with our kids and she join with another person. Yes there is a 3rd party when I’ m on-board. It’s really a traumatic experience, when you love the most of this person who you thought will be on your side forever but gone because she finds happiness with another one. She told me that kind of reasoning really sucks.

I’m really afraid to jump in a new relationship but I realise that I need to start anew life with my children and I need to look a mother material for them. This decision should think many times and be wise.

Should I choose the one i love or the one who really loves me?

Help! And thank you for giving a time in my letter.

Yours truly,

Dear Chef,

I really appreciate you for being straightforward. There is no certain in this world but world is giving us a choice. What we will do, what we will eat, do we really need to walk or run, who do we love and a lot of things goes on everyday.

Your problem is common to the people who are in love. But the perspective will kicks-in on how do you want to see yourself with that person. Are you willing to sacrifice (your happiness) for her till the end to make her happy and satisfied? Or will you be selfish enough to care for your own happiness.

How do we feel if we choose the one who loves us? Will life be perfect? As they said, look for someone that you know, loves you more than you love her. Because she will do her best to make you happy. She will try to be your world and willing to sacrifice to be with you and your family. But you should not take this for granted.

Or how do we see ourselves if we choose the one we love most? Will life be perfect? Are you willing to give up everything for her? Will you do your best to make her happy? And for how long will you hold or love her?

If you can see, the answer depends on the character of the person. There is no perfect relationship but there are lots of possibilities to make it the partner and life you want it to be. The bottomline is on how will you compromise to each other. And love is not a one way thing, it should be two way. Communication is the key in all aspects of relationship. And being selfish will not help your relationship, you should be considerate enough on how your partner feels. And a lot of things to be consider, not only your feelings. You said you have children, you should prioritise them. You still have your life and career. Your family and your friends that surrounds you.

Whatever you choose if ‘kung mahal ka’ or ‘yung mahal mo’, you can say a little prayer that your decision will deserve for the happiness of both that will last forever.

Sending good vibes in your negative thoughts.

It’s me,