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Sikhayan Festival, How fun is this?

As we all know that one of Philippines tradition is celebrating feast, festival or fiesta in every provinces or villages. This is in respect for the Parish Saint or to admire the hometown people and it’s part of the tourism of the place.

Sikhayan Festival or Sikap Kabuhayan celebrates every 18th of January in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Being “masikap” (hardworking) is a character of people in that place. And this festival symbolizes a better future for their hardwork and discipline. It gives hope to them specially in this time of pandemic. Their town is a progressive in terms of economy, where most of the business industry are located there and tourism, where one of the nearest theme park in Manila located.

Let’s join together to check on how fun is their festival to their online celebration that we can see on the link below.


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