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Viva Nuestro Senior Nazareno

Every 9th of January, we are celebrating the Feast of Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Philippines. And there is a tradition that we called it TRASLACION. Doing the procession of the statue from Church of Saint Nicholas Tolentino. But this year, it’s really different because of the pandemic so the other churches help to celebrate the Feast. The devotee can go to other churches like Sta Cruz and San Sebastian to pray and pay respect.

How it’s started?? The January 9 procession reenacts a seemingly minor historical event, the 1787 solemn Translacion, or transfer, of the image from its original home, where Rizal Park is now located, to its present home at the basilica in Quiapo.

An image of the Black Nazarene, carved of mesquite wood by an anonymous Mexican sculptor, arrived in Manila in the mid 1600s. The statue was partially destroyed in 1945 during the liberation of Manila in World War II. The Archdiocese of Manila commissioned a renowned Filipino santero, or saint carver, Gener Manlaqui, to sculpt the present day replica, using the original head.

The Quiapo Church has been a minor basilica in the year 1988. Nuestro Señor Jesús Nazareno (a dark figure of Christ carved by a Mexican artist from black wood) whose image, reputedly miraculous, was brought to the country in a Spanish galleon in the 17th century.

My father is one of the devotee of Poon Nazareno. I still remember him going to that Church a day of the Feast or the day itself early in the morning just to join the procession and throwing white towels to the statue. He believes that this can help to throw away all the worries and can help us solve the problem or cure sickness. He had a big faith for the Black Nazarene and I also believe in it.

For the pictures below, the first one you can see at Sta Cruz Church and the other two pictures has been taken two years before this lockdown. And it’s a normal busy place for all the people in any walks of life.



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