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Christmas is for Kids and Young at Hearts

Year 2020 is really a big challenge for everyone. And it makes history that will never forget in our world. But there is really something that to look forward to and being positive in our thoughts.

It’s the true meaning of Christmas. Give love and adore the baby Jesus in our hearts. As they said, Christmas is for kids to enjoy and seeing their big smiles on the gifts that they will receive. But Christmas is for young at hearts too. Do not forget that we are once a child and having childish traits to relax and pause a while.

One of the nearest place to spend this Christmas Season is in Tagaytay. They have this Christmas Village at Crosswinds Tagaytay that you can spend quality time with your family and friends. Taking selfie’s and groupie’s to the Christmas decor as well as to feel the breeze of the season.

There is no entrance fee but still observe the social distancing and safety precautions of wearing face masks and face shields. It will be open from day time till 7pm.


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