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10 Lessons to be Learned in Watching “Third is My First”

This movie is about closure in a relationship. If parting ways with your partner, feels like you are floating in limbo and you didn’t know what’s wrong and what happen, there’s a possibility that you are hoping with that kind of memory and still holding the past. But you should let it go. You can watch this again at netflix.

  1. Being sentimental person is ok but not to the point that you are holding the past like it’s your present but you’ll never realise that it’s not your future.
  2. A person is busy in his / her lifestyle, working and caring with the people surrounds them but deep inside, he / she still longing with something in the past that cannot move on.
  3. Life gets boring if you have routinary things everyday and you will used to it. But it will spice up with your partner to reminisce the happy moments and flare up the flame of love.
  4. It’s not true that if you love somebody and you broke up, you will no longer have feelings with that person. You still care though it’s not that kind of care like before when both of you are in that relationship.
  5. If you really love your spouse you are ready on how heavy the cross you will carry for a lifetime.
  6. There is no perfect relationship. Do not find your happiness with others. Open your mind because someone beside you really wants you, to make you happy.
  7. Sometimes two person are together because they really love each other. Sometimes they are together because they do not have choice and also they are in good terms for each other, as they need each other.
  8. Even you ask yourself many times, if you are happy on the person you have in your side. It will not be enough unless you will act and respond to take good care with each other. A love to a person is like a love to a plant, you need to give sunshine and water everyday. But do not give in 100% of your love to him/her, save some for yourself.
  9. Having an understanding partner is really a blessing and considerate of your happiness, because if you are happy he / she will be happy too.
  10. You will choose and weigh between, when things don’t work out, must be separate and have to move on. And if an old thing that still useful and you know that you can fix and believe that it will re-run again, you must have patience and determination to do it. We can associate this to marriage, if you want it to be last and stick to your wedding vows, do not give up easily, try to fix it and hold on to it. Believe that love and respect will conquer it all.


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