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Why nowadays is difficult to earn money?

Dear Jaz,

How are you? I’m struggling at work, not because of my task as Finance Staff but the company culture. I’m planning to leave as a lot of employees are already leaving and I am trying to put-up an e-loading business and other kind of business that can have extra source of income. Would it be feasible nowadays.

It’s me,


Disclaimer: Quote picture above is not mine. CTTO

Dear Bro,

I’m trying to see the brighter side of the world in this time of crisis.

With regards to your work, please do not leave, if your company is not laying-off their employees. If they are, you can wait until your name is on the list, there might give a separation pay for you to start a new one. Or if your company decided to cut loss or cut cost of their expenses, some of your benefits or bonus might not be the same like before but still your montly salary can help you and your family to survive. The only thing we can do is to prioritise our needs than wants like foods, shelter/rent, billspayment, meds and vitamins.

I encourage you to start now your ideas of your business even you are working. Establish first the foundation, your target market, enough capital and strategies on how you will manage it. For e-loading business, the most important here is your location, if you have a lot of neighbors that you can count on and ask to use your platform or business for their needs to top-up loads and pay their necessary bills. As our mobilitiy is limited and most of the cities are in ECQ or GCQ status. You need to have a separate bank account for easy tracking of your transactions. If this is somehow a networking strategy, you still need to consider your target market as most of the mobile platform nowadays have this kind of services such as, gcash, grab, payamaya and true money to name a few.

It’s really difficult to survive this time of Covid19 crisis. It’s like we are walking in the bridge like in this picture that we do not know what’s in the other side. If the bridge is broken at the middle. If this is the only way we can cross to the other island. If there is a boat waiting for us. The only thing we can do is try to walk. Move a little and move forward and it will be a great help.

Stay safe and healthy.

Sending positive vibes in your negative thoughts. 🤗🥰

It’s me,



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