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Boracay as it’s Finest

Year 2007, my first step in this paradise. We were celebrating our company Teambuilding together with our Norwegian boss.

We were at Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Kalibo and there was a bus waiting to pick us going to Caticlan Port. And from Caticlan Port going to Boracay Island, we would be riding a ferry boat for around 20 minutes. And another last ride going to our Hotel is a shuttle bus. I am excited to see this famous island, at first, I cannot appreciate her beauty until I step out on the water and saw the crystalize sands.

Because this was company trip, we were following our company schedule, most of the time we were at the Boracay Regency Hotel (now it’s Henan Regency Resorts and Spa). But one of the program they set for us is the dinner by the beach with a fire dance performance. The locals here were good in entertaining tourist by their music and talents. And also giving us a sumptuous meal most were seafoods that can salivate your cravings.

It’s just a 3-day getaway, we also did a company game like Amazing Race as part of the main purpose of teambuilding. Therefore, we tried to tour the place by running and walking and looking for the clues in the places stated/instructed to us. What a way to explore this paradise.

Here’s some pictures that I retrieve to share with you how Boracay looks like 13 years ago.


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