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3 Lessons to be learned in watching “Pabasa Kan Pasyon”

  1. Philippines being the largest Catholic country in Asia still transferring the tradition and culture of Senakulo and Reading of Passion of Christ every Holy Week to the new generation. And it gives them an extra source of income to have some foods on their table. But for the elders, they are doing this as a sacrifice for the wrong that they have done without any compensation in return.
  2. Religion or Christianity is the only thing that we can hope for in times of trouble.
  3. We have our own cross in our life, it’s up to us how to lift it in our shoulders.

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Steps in availing the Cinemalaya 2020 Bundles and Packages:
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c. They are using vimeo for the pay per view, you need to create an account to log-in
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