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How to Travel Siem Reap in 2 Days

It has been popularised by the movie of Tom Raider and one of the Unesco Heritage, the Angkor Wat. Being in a tropical country, you need to travel lite, bring your Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) or you can have a good buy in their market, opposite the PUB STREET. Siem Reap and their temples have a lot of places that you can take an amazing photo from ruins, old temples to modern type of buildings.

Going in Cambodia is just a “side trip” of my Bangkok 3-days getaway because of a work holiday. When I reach Thailand airport that day, I just saw an advertisement of Angkor Watt. And till night I was thinking if I can go to Cambodia which I have not been to. So I check my airlines points if still can make it for the flight and the schedule.

So here how you can go for a 2-days trip in Cambodia.

  1. Just book your flight in advance to get a promo or cheaper fare.
  2. One month before you can check your preferred accommodations and tours. (for me, as a backpacker/a-go-traveller, i can go for a capsule type and bathroom share)
  3. Bring your travel kits (toiletries, shawl, slippers, make-ups, ootds, camera’s/gadgets)
  4. Research, research, research about the place you want to go. If you want a no hassle trip you can check the best travel agency to help you on a memorable trip. Just drop me a message and I can recommend one. (for me in this case, i research when I’m on the boarding area. I want to fully utilise my stay so I booked a tour guide)
  5. Bring USD currency rather than exchange it on Cambodian Riel (but if your a currency collector, you can exchange some)
  6. Draft your itenerary and inform your tour guide on the preferred schedule.

I want to fully utilise my stay in Cambodia even my schedule is tight but I have full energy to explore. So he recommends me after lunch to have a city tour first where we visited their stone factory. And also to check their delicacy, local goods that I bought it in a local market as I believe it’s much cheaper rather than to those moving shops in the tourist place. I bought a nice painting for my brother and coffee that has been sealed to their local leaf box. There is a tourist fee of USD37 for the gate pass that you will be using to enter the different temples so I bought for 2-days. He also recommends me to experience the sunset (in Pre Rup) and the sunrise (in Angkor Watt) at their temples.

After we bought local goods, I asked him if there is a Catholic Church nearby. Luckily, there is a simple house type of St John de Baptist near the city area, after sending prayers, wishes and thanksgiving we directly went for a sunset tour at Pre Rup. Pre Rup was Rajendravarman II’s state temple, second temple to be built at Angkor. The scenery is really amazing. As this temple was built 850 years ago. We reached the peak of the temple where all the tourist is waiting for the sun to come down. Its will be a good place for the photo enthusiast as there is a limited area but your creativity in taking pictures will show.

Call time for day 2 is around 5:30am, as my place is only 20 minutes away. I skipped my breakfast as I normally do. And also I really don’t want to miss the sunrise at the famous Angkor Watt Temple There are lots of tourists already waiting and sitting on the stone benches. It looks like a main gate of a castle. We need to walk through the entrance to take a good shot then we proceed to tour the place.

The ruins of the wall, the moths, the stone curves and sculptures that you will see can identify their cultures and history of this country. In a day, we tried to go as many temples, Angkor Wat, Ta Som, Preah Khan, Baphuon, Bayon, Banteay Kdei and take a good pics and some videos for souvenirs.

It’s really a Temple Run Experience for me.

BEST BUY / SOUVENIR- coffee on their native bags aside my collectible starbucks thumbler.

BEST LOCAL FOOD TO EAT – I tried Amok Fish

BEST WAY OF TRANSPORTATION – motorcycle or car and PUV

BEST WAY TO SHOP – night market at Pub Street and day time in the market opposite / behind Pub Street

BEST LOCAL TOUR – most of the Temples but I prefer Ta Phrom where the Tomb Raider shoot


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