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10 Lessons to be learned in watching “Surat Dari Praha” (Letter from Praque)- An Indonesian Film

  1. Life is short. Treasure the moment with your loveone.
  2. Do not argue with your parent specially if they are sick and in hospital bed.
  3. Do not be greedy, self-centered and selfish.
  4. Divorce is not the first solution to escape your anger on your spouse instead try to reconcile and compromise first. Love and Respect should come hand on hand.
  5. Respect the last will and there might be something not monetary that you can get on it.
  6. When travelling alone, be cautious, vigilant and know what will you do if you encounter a bad experience.
  7. Political differences might end giving up your true nationality and be an asylum to other country. Be patriotic enough and know your true idealism.
  8. Love Letters may it be handwriting or texts or sms, still a romantic way to express how you feel.
  9. Love Letters or a dedicated song and poem, may result a good memories or bad memories, it’s on how you should keep it for yourself.
  10. True love will not fade. Even time changes many things like power, politics and science but only LOVE and MUSIC will never change.

(you can watch this on Netflix)


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