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10 Lessons to be Learned in Watching ‘On Vodka, Beer and Regrets’

  1. People come and go but the person who really loves you will stay, understand, and help you even when you are hard to be loved.
  2. When the opportunity knocks you should grab it and do the best that you can be.
  3. Treat people fairly so that they will treat you the same.
  4. Alcohol will not be really your friend, so do not depend on it every now and then, it will ruin your life.
  5. You should know your limit in everything.
  6. Whatever happens your family still there specially when you are down, love them.
  7. Be wise to know if people is using you or helping you, it’s two different thing.
  8. Know how to accept your failure and use it for your success.
  9. Look for a person for you to be inspired and your world will become better.
  10. Love yourself first and you will feel the unconditional love that surrounds you.

(you can watch it now at Netflix)


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